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JSP-Make Financial Jobs Easier
Release time:2021-08-01 00:18
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Professionals: With professional Qualifications of CPA, CTA, and ACCA, etc., our expert team comes from businesses of auditing for IPO, tax consultation.
Eruditeness: Our team has various hands-on experience serving in finance, real estate, film and television, medicine, education, hotel, catering, manufacturing, property, software, construction, commerce, and other industries.
Cambodian tailored service experience: In Cambodia, our team has been specializing in auditing, corporate governance, bookkeeping, tax declaration and planning, agency licensing and other related services for industries as real estate, trade, tourism, catering, network services, property, engineering, security, software, etc.
Vision; Make financial jobs easier 
Consultation for auditing, tax, corporate governance, bookkeeping, tax declaration and planning, agency licensing
Mission: Form a professional team and platform for Sino-Cambodia financial and cultural exchanges; help local talents advance better career by cultivating them within financial industry; make customers focus on business and increase the value of the enterprises
Audit the prepared financial reports in accordance with IFRS, HKFRS, and CAS; conduct internal audits on the management financial reports
Issue management proposals
Provide relevant training to improve the ability to prepare financial reports
Provide tax accounting in accordance with local tax regulations
Declare VAT tax, income tax, payroll tax, withholding tax, license tax, etc. in accordance with tax laws and regulations
Provide fixed tax processing services for real estate customers
Management and tax consultation:
Provide business model management and tax consulting
Provide management and tax consulting for major investment decisions
Provide management and tax consulting for daily operations
Provide management and tax consulting for listing, mergers and acquisitions
Design and manage financial reporting system for clients and issue management financial reports
Provide financial talent recruitment, training, and labor outsourcing services
Corporate Governance:
Evaluate the regulatory compliance of business processes to prevent internal risks.
Design standardized business processes
Provide tutorial and assist in the implementation of standardized business processes.
Agency Licensing:
Corporate register, annual inspect, and deregister.
Real estate related environmental assessment, design, construction, permit, property rights licenses, etc.
Apply for QIP and relevant tax preferential licenses
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